Monday, February 27, 2012

Dressed Like Acid

Today I dressed like I was on an acid trip.
What I'm wearing From Bottom to Top...
1) Flip flops
2) Zebra Print Flower Lace Leggings
3) Red and Black Frilled Skirt
4) White Shirt that has a neon yellow,neon pink,neon blue, neon purple ice cream
5) extra large Elite jacket
6) Nike beanie
7) Black Elite beanie
(Yes I'm weearing a hat on a hat)

So yeah add to the fact that im tired, cranky and want to yell, scream and pull my hair out, I think I just want to go home. I'm so tired my fingers don't want to type. Thats how tired I am. I could literally just pass out. If only I hadn't stayed the night at Lilly's I could have stayed home in bed and I wouldn't have gotten up at 5:30 this morning, I'd have stayed in bed till passed noon wrapped tight in my blankets where the sun could not reach. I'm going to end up throwing a hissy fit I can feel it in the air. What makes I worse I that I don't have any of my school work... It's all at home in my binder under my back pack on my bed waiting for me not to do it. Yep I'm so going to sleep today weather the teachers like it or not.

Amelia OUT...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sims 3

I can't wait to download Sims 3 into my laptop it's gona be awesome. I'm off to play god now my lovelies. bye bye. :)

Amelia OUT...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I haven't updated this in forever, so I'm going to fill you in as much as possible.

I've been so stressed out lately that I haven't even been to school or out of my room for that matter. I closed the doors on everyone, until yesterday when I exploded into a thing of tears. I don't like crying in front of people cause I only cry more so I went and found a nice little corner to cry my heart out....only to have the principle and my fifth period teacher find me. They asked me what was wrong and I told them to just leave me alone. They wouldn't leave and I started to freak out even more and since they weren't leaving I kept crying.... So long story short I cried for a good three hours then went home to eat popcorn and watch south park and shows about space. Cheered me up to yell "like your mom" "like a sir" and No harry don't trust snape he's a perv" at the screen... thank god no one else was home at the time. Then after that my ex came to see how I was doing and if I was going to be ok(so sweet).

Today I saw one of my favorite school cats Little Lady. I didn't see Big Daddy anywhere, he must be sleeping or something. I bought three Faygo and a bag of Takis (my version of feel good food). I hope today goes better then yesterday.

Amelia Out...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Dear Valentines Day,
I hate today. Everyone has some one and its just annoying. I intend to have a rampage on everyone today. But maybe just maybe I will be happy and not get angry with the world, IF someone gives me a back message. I will try not to ruin everyones day but I swear I will go crazy by the end of the day. Mark my words.
Oh and Jacob has a gf who WAS my friend who told me it would be a good match. He told me that the only reason he kissed me at his b-day party was cause he felt sorry for me...way to break to me that I'm nothing you jerk... I don't think I will look at men the same after this I have no trust in men now. One man to ruin it for all. I can't take Valentines Day. I should have just stayed home...

Amelia out...

Monday, February 13, 2012

What I think on Valentines

I hate you all! I hate fucking living! I just want to fucking drop dead! Some one fucking shot me in the head! Slice my fucking wrists don't make me beg! Just fucking kill me before I blow off my own fucking head myself! I hate this pity you rain down upon me! Just put me out of my fucking misery! That's how you can show me that you care... I hate valentines day.

Amelia OUT...

Friday, February 10, 2012

No School

OK so today I am not in school because I fell like sh*t and I don't want to risk stabbing a fellow student with a sharp pointy object... I have finally convinced my mum to buy me a dress and stuff for Prom it's going to be awesome!! I can't wait. I'm so excited I feel like I going to explode if I have to wait any longer.... Sad thing is I have no one to go with. I'm still thinking about going alone if no one asks me, which will be great............... I'm going to go play in the mud like a child now tata and have a wonderful day in school or at work or where ever you are.

Amelia OUT...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


For lack of better words I'm gona be alone on Valentines Day. Am I worried, no not really. I was but now I'm not. Why? I was reading this article in a magizine about a girl who went to prom alone and she said "it was the best time of my life I didn't have to worry about keeping my date company or if they were uncomfortable and I met a really cute guy who also went alone, so the night was a blast". I don't beleive I stumbled across that by accident. So long story short if no one asks me I will go alone with my bestie friend Lilly, I have to help her into her dress anyways. hehehehe.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Like A Sir

Ok so last night me and my friend Lilly were playing Sims 3 and Her Sim became a vampire and she said "Like a sir"
We spent the rest of the night thinking of things people can do "Like A Sir". There are ends less things to do

Things You Need
1) A Top Hat.
2) A Suit.
3) A Monecule.

Now go and be "Like A Sir"!

Amelia Out.

Monday, February 6, 2012


I won't lie this weekend was AMAZING  loved it. Me, Jacob, and the gang basically lived in Jacobs' living room. When I showed up Today I got asked by everyone:

 1)What did you do for three days??
We sat around watching movies and playing xbox.
 2)What did you survive on??
We survived on Zebra Cakes, Water, Soda, Chips, and Pizza.
 3)Do you plan on going over next weekend??
As much as I would love too, I can't because my chores have pilled p to where if they don't get done this weekend I won't ever get them done.
4)Did anything special happen??
YES! Something did. Jacob kissed me! It was the most awesome kiss I've ever had.
Sad thing was I couldn't just smile and nod. I've been smiling for the whole day. I can't stop thinking about it.

Friday, February 3, 2012


This weekend is Jacobs birthday YAY!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACOB!! Hope you like your gifts and all that jazz. You are awesome yet sometimes annoying. Hahahaha.  Drinks all around!! Let's party!!!