Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Why do boys have to be so... so tempting and bloody annoying! I'm in a bot crisis right now as I write this. I have three boys who want me yet I have a boyfriend. I don't get to see him except on the weekends and the other three boys just drive me crazy cause i have to see them at school on the week days I hate them. I love games! So does my boyfriend so every time I tell him to get me a sandwich in a demanding tone he does the same thing back.  Then he gets up and does it anyways and makes a sandwich for himself as well... i like guys in books they are much more predictable then this age of boys. And yes all males of this generation are boys, unless they can make me think differently then maybe I will change my label and opinion of them... but I rather doubt it. There only three people I Trust in this world
1) Cory (my bf).
2) Devon (my sisters bf).
3) Joey (my bf's brother).

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