Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One Uping

Yesterday after school I went with my bff Lilly to look at Prom dresses. My mind didn't get that it was supposed to be a mother daughter thing, and when I told my mom she, more or less, blew up on me. After that we didn't speak at all I didn't even eat I was so upset. But this morning she apologized to me (and I had worked all morning on an I'm Sorry letter too). Then she said that I should and would one up my bff Lilly. Somewhere deep inside I really want to one up everybody. I want an old fashioned ball gown. But my mom want me to wear something form-fitting. I want a BPD (boy-proof-dress) I like making things hard on them. I tried telling this to my mom and she doesn't really care as long as I one up all my friends, but mostly Lilly, I can tell by how her voice pitches slightly.

And Prom is in March!!

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