Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Report Cards

I hate seeing my grades it drives me nuts when some else in the class comes up to you, takes a look at your report cards and says "iI made a better grade then you" and runs off to tell every your grade. Its a major pet peeve of mine. What if you didn't want other people to know what your grade was? What if it just didin't matter who say your grade? They could just ask you instead of just looking over your shoulder or  taking it off your desk. I don't even look at mine anymore. It goes staight to my backpack or my pocket to sit and wait for me to read it. Another thing I hate is when a really smart prep acts really stupid when they make the best grades in the class. It makes me want to dropkick them, or smack they with a book and yell " STOP ACTING STUPID YOUR A GENIUS!!!" But that would be mean and rude so I'm going to put up with it for now.

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