Thursday, January 12, 2012


I hate when people give you the silent treatment and they aren't even mad at you. Then when you get mad and do it they get mad at you and tell you to stop acting like a child.
Today my own mother is giving me the silent treartment, because I told her that I was bi. If you asked me I would tell you she's a b*itch, but almost everyone does at some point and time for one thing or another. The silence is peaceful for the moment, because I can stay in my room and she won't be calling for me every five minutes knowing well-enough that I'm trying to read a book. She broke her phone too, so she may be mad about that but she says its my fault...I don't see how but I'm not going to let her blame it on me. She is acting like a child and its getting on my nerves. I rarely give people the silent treatment. It's mostly teachers and principles who can't get me to talk. so I'm going to enjoy the sweet silence while it lasts and read to my hearts content.

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