Monday, January 23, 2012

Boy Drama.

The title says it all. But for a few of you I will explain why. I have liked two juggalos since I was sixteen. I have to go to school with both of them. The blond one is named Shane and the brunette is named Jacob. They are both friends. They're together almost all the time. If I buy Faygo for one the other ends up with half of it. I want to date Jacob, but I don't think he likes me the way I like him. I don't know what to do. When I see him my bold tomboy runs and hides and my cute shy girly sides comes out to say hi. But recently I've been approached by another juggalo named Cory, who wants to date me. My feelings for Cory aren't as strong as they are for Jacob.
When Jacob saw Cory talking to me after school (and I know he saw because he was standing five feet away talking loudly with his friends) he came over and said hi to me, glared (literally glared) and handed me his Peach Faygo. He NEVER EVER gives or shares his Peach Faygo with anyone besides Shane. So that was a shock to me, as well as everyone around us. My girly girl was impressed and my tomboy didn't bat an eyelash. So now my head is spinning , not just cause of the heat but because I have two juggalos wanting my attention. Jacob even called me last night. We talked for a whole hour. I found out that we have all the same cd's. And we like the same artists too. So I'm asking you not as a young lette but as a girl in need of serious advice... What do I do???

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